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From playing musical instruments to dancing Jazz and Hip Hop, DJ Jenny Pocket also known as DJ Pocket, grew up with a passion for music. After college, she took that passion to learn to DJ.

Her main focus on the decks is to engage the audience. As someone who also enjoys dancing, she takes pride in reading a crowd. Due to this, you may hear a variety of styles of music within her sets. DJ Pocket mixes all the hits from Top 40, Hip Hop, House, EDM, Remixes, Old School, Latin, and more depending on the demand of the event.

She has played in bars, clubs, lounges, retail and corporate events in Southern California and in Las Vegas as a dj and video dj. She strives to be viewed as more than a "female DJ," but to gain respect, regardless of gender.

With a decade of experience, she can rock any party or event. Keep your eyes and ears on DJ Jenny Pocket!